With the rising population of elderly people in Ireland, the number of nursing homes is increasing with every passing day to keep up with the requirement and provide the elderly with the care and support they need to keep up with their regular life or medical needs. The Nursing industry has brought in a lot of updates and changes. There are now new possibilities for nursing homes to operate and upgrade, making work a lot easier and more convenient. When you search for nursing homes in Dublin, you can get a proper idea of all the essentials you need right on their websites. This guide specifies the top 7 updates or changes that have been seen in nursing care.

Nursing Care Trends

1.Virtual tours : When you look for the best Nursing Home in Dublin, there is no need to physically visit the center. There is now VR feature availability, which helps you get a clear view of the nursing home. The video will provide you with 360 views of the entire area. Whether you want to see the garden area or the rooms, you will get access to all the essentials right from the comfort of your home.

2.Telehealth : Elderly people requiring medical care need to visit healthcare professionals for regular check-ups. Things have now become a lot easier. The nursing homes can connect with the doctor using the online means to properly understand the medical issue. It not only provides privacy but also security of the health information. The need for telehealth has increased greatly during the pandemic as it was quite convenient to get the assistance of a medical expert without actually leaving the property.

3. Need for self-care : Most of the nurses and healthcare professionals face a traumatic and stressful situations  due to all the pressure, which greatly impacts their mental health and overall quality of life. There is now education and awareness about self-care for the nurses, which has become a priority in the industry. The nursing homes aim to make a healthy work environment for the staff. Nurses are required to provide central care that will promote positive patient outcomes.

But when looking for care homes in Dublin, you must be careful to choose a center that provides proper       care and attention to the residents and their staff. This will give the assurance that they are good enough to take care of the needs of your loved one. 

4. Better Technology : To keep up with the safety needs, there is now new technology brought in to help the patients call the expert in case of an emergency. The installation of cameras and alert systems has provided convenience to the staff and also the residents to stay connected and get help whenever required. The professionals need not sit by the resident 24/7. They can keep an eye on them through the cameras and visit them in a timely manner to check their health.

5. Evolution of The Workplace : COVID highlighted the performance of the nurses in an acute care setting. Now the opportunities for them are evolving. In fact, the non-hospital careers in the nursing homes in Dublin are increasing greatly. Further, the nurses also prefer to move to another country or city for the job. It allows them to get better financial assistance and take care of their needs.

6. Increased Specialisation : During the pandemic, it was quite difficult to take the elderly people to the hospital for regular check-ups or treatment, given the risk involved. Thus there was a need for medical professionals residing in the nursing homes in Dublin to have specialisation in different areas. Specialisation allows the nurse to be an expert in the area of care. It also opens the door for new career opportunities. Certification will show that the nurse is knowledgeable in a specific area. This will also assure that in case of an emergency, the nurse is sufficient enough to handle that situation well.

7. Need for Nurse Navigators : The nurse navigators use their medical knowledge and management skills to manage the residents in the healthcare system. As the population is aging, chronic health conditions are getting more prevalent. Thus the role is gaining a lot of importance. The navigators choose a holistic approach to improve the overall quality of life of the patient. It is an expanded role of the nurse which helps the patients transition and get all the care they need.

They are responsible for helping the resident understand things that are happening, including diagnosis, test medicine, etc. In most of the nursing homes in Dublin, you can now find the nurse navigators who are there to help the residents have a convenient time during their stay.

When you search for nursing homes near me, you will be able to find a range of options, but it is advised that you choose  one that is well taken care of and upgraded to keep up with the safety and daily needs. Finding an appropriate care home in Dublin is a lot easier now with all the advancements and changes that have been brought into the industry.

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