The nursing homes in Dublin can be highly beneficial. Although many people think bad of them in reality, they can provide great medical care and help with daily tasks or the patient’s concerns. They are here to assure proper assistance. Besides, they are not just meant for elderly people. Anyone who is in need of medical care can stay here to get assistance and help with the regular life operation. However, you must know that there are two categories of Nursing homes. The details of the same have been mentioned here, which will allow you to choose the best.

Long term care- What is it?

Long term care is a facility that is provided to meet the person’s personal and health care requirements for a long period of time. The services help people live independently. Long-term care is generally provided at home by a family member or at a Nursing Home. The nursing homes provide personal care that is meant to help with everyday activities, including grooming, dressing, eating, cooking etc. Besides, it also includes community services like adult Day Care, transportation. You need to look for care homes in Dublin to find a centre that will be able to take care of you or your loved one’s sleep.

People choose long-term care when there is a case of disabilities or severe medical conditions. People who have aged opt for long term care as they are unable to carry out the daily operations.


Undoubtedly, long-term care provides great benefits for the people. You can look for nursing homes near me to find a long-term care facility that provides service in a good living environment and take care of your loved one. They will have staff who will manage housekeeping to ensure that the space stays clean. Besides this, they are specially designed for elderly people. This means the centres will have railings meant for proper support. Most of the care facilities provide private residences. Also, they have extensive grounds with a great landscape which makes it perfect for afternoon stalls. To take care of the daily requirement, these facilities have helpful staff kitchens and convenience stores. This means all the needs will be well taken care of.

 Short term care- What is it?

No doubt choosing the best Nursing Home in Dublin can be difficult given the options. Short-term care is preferred by those seniors who have different health requirements. For instance, they might be suffering from injury or an illness that requires proper care. This means that there will be a requirement for attending compassionate care for a short period of time in a welcoming community. No matter the care is required for a few months or weeks, there are short term care facilities that can fulfil the requirement. They are majorly focused on helping the person get back to regular life after surgery or illness. This means the centre is majorly focused on the medical aspects and needs.


The short term care homes in Dublin can support temporary cases and provide relief to the caregiver. For someone who is suffering from ageing or disability, the services can be helpful. With proper medical care and attention, there will be a better chance of quick recovery. People prefer short-term care to get away from the hospital environment and live in a quiet, spacious, and friendly place. The centre is dedicated to providing personalised therapy with medical experts. It can include physical, speech, occupational therapists. So can guarantee a speedy recovery.  Besides, they will also customise a care routine that addresses the daily requirements. In fact, some of the rehabs also have a nutritionist to guarantee the food requirement is taken care of.

The centres also put an extra effort to keep the facility as a friendly and home-like environment. They conduct various activities in the garden area like artwork to ensure everyone stays active and involved. No doubt, with the short-term facility, one can have a better health improvement plan and can stay fit for longer. The short term rehabilitation centres add value to life. It will make your transition from the hospital quite enjoyable and fun. But it is essential that you look for a nursing home near me and contact the best one to understand which one will suit your personality and requirements. Also, remember the cost of the services varies greatly. So you need to understand every aspect before you make the decision.

Choose the best

Choose the best

Finding the best Beneavin Nursing Home can be difficult. Based on your specific requirement, you have to choose between long-term or short-term care to provide your loved ones with the care and attention they deserve to get back to normal life operations. If you need a good Nursing Home in Dublin, you can consider FirstCare. We are the most trusted for the quality of our services. We have the best medical professionals who take care of the needs of our residents 24/7. As a reliable centre, we will ensure your loved one gets proper care and attention. Right from the food requirements to the medical needs, we are here to handle every aspect. So make sure you contact us to get a better idea about our services.