Ageing can lead to a lot of trouble for people. Even if your loved one was the most active person during their younger years, they might not be able to take care of their needs, once they start ageing. This can be due to a medical condition or simply because they are not in the right physical shape to cope with regular activities like bathing, taking a shower, cleaning, gardening etc. Thus having support can make a difference. However, there are nursing homes in Dublin that can make the entire experience easy for them. They will ensure your relative is provided with the proper assistance for regular tasks.

With a team of experienced professionals, our nursing home facilities are well prepared to take care of residents’ regular activities. Be it eating, doctor’s visits, cooking etc., our staff will help with it all. You can opt for an at-home service or send your loved one to a good care home. It depends entirely on you to decide whether they will be able to get the right help at home or at a care home facility.

Life Expectancy at a Care Home

Care homes are meant to help people live a regular life during their old age when they’re unable to take care of their own needs. However, you need to know that because of the severe medical conditions people have when they enter a care home, the average life expectancy of people in care homes in Dublin is 13.7 months. When the median is considered, it is around five months.

It is known that 59% of assisted living residents eventually choose to move to a skilled nursing facility. On average, they live for 835 days there before they pass on to a better life.

A move to an assisted living facility can be beneficial when there is a severe medical condition or other concerns. But 8 months is typically the maximum time they live there. Generally, half of the people who live in nursing home facilities are 85 years of age or older. You will find only a few who are younger than 65 years.

Although the nursing homes in Dublin take good care of cleaning and hygiene requirements, you must understand that people are at risk of infections in care homes due to germs and other infectious outbreaks. This can lead to urinary tract infections, pneumonia, skin and soft tissue infections etc. Only 4.5% of the older adults who choose to move to a care home facility will survive in such a community.

Most nursing homes lack the proper facilities and management to provide care to their residents. This certainly complicates things and reduces the life expectancy of people who move there.

So if you are planning to send your loved one to a care home facility, it would be advisable that you consider your decision carefully and start looking for the best possible nursing home. It is extremely important to do thorough research before you make a final decision, as this is the key to providing your loved ones with the care they need during their older age.

Understanding the Nursing Home Facility

When the need for your loved one to stay in a nursing home arises, they most likely do not feel ready for this because they don’t want to leave the family or their own home. However, they may understand the services and facilities they will be receiving there and the complications they may face. Given how short the life expectancy is, no one will feel ready to make the move. But if your loved one needs 24/7 medical assistance, then it would be better if you researched which facility could take best care of them.

When you search for care homes in Dublin, you will certainly find several options, but this does not mean you should go with the first choice. You should take the right steps to research the details of each centre. For instance, you must look at what the care staff are like, their availability, the hygiene level, the number of residents, safety and other factors.

Cost certainly becomes a major factor when deciding on a good nursing home facility, but you cannot compromise on the health and safety of your loved one. Nursing home facilities are certainly expensive, so it would be advisable that you search online to compare the cost of the best available nursing home facilities and see how you can provide your loved one with the best during such a tough time.

The nursing homes in Dublin are trying to improve their facilities and ensure their residents have an easy time living there. Most of them fall behind in terms of the quality of care or the hygiene level one needs to stay healthy. Visiting a nursing home facility in person will provide you with a clear idea about whether they are actually suitable for taking care of a loved one who cannot take care of their own regular needs or is suffering from a medical condition.

The nursing homes in Dublin are trying hard to fulfil the needs of all their residents. But it is you who needs to be careful right from the start, to ensure you find a facility that will be well suited to your loved one’s needs. This is doubtless quite tough, given the number of steps you have to take and the research you must do. But it is only with a proper understanding and knowledge of your options that you will best look after the health and care of your loved one.

Choosing the Right Facility

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