When suffering from a medical issue or when unable to perform regular activities on their own, people may look for a facility that can provide them with these services and take care of their medical needs and other basic living requirements. There are nursing home facilities and care homes available to provide assistance as required. Both kinds of facilities provide a great place for patients to recover well and avoid any further complications. However, a major question still arises about the difference between the two. Before searching for care homes or nursing homes near me, it is advised that you go through this guide to learn the difference. It will help you understand the best options for you.

Care Homes – What Are They?

Care homes provide 24/7 personal support and care for people who require assistance with daily tasks like dressing, washing, eating, etc. The services can be provided on a short-term or long-term basis. Some care homes can fulfil people’s medical needs through special facilities or through visiting professionals, but the main purpose of a care home is to help people who are unable to live an independent life or manage their personal hygiene, toileting, medication etc. Care home residents may have a physical disability, mental health issues, or other specific care needs due to old age.

Nursing Homes – What Are They?

Nursing homes are meant for those people who suffer from a medical condition or in their daily life. They are people who require frequent medical treatment or assistance. Such facilities have registered nurses who are qualified to take care of patients and provide medical services. A nursing home might be a care home that provides 24/7 residential care but is also capable of looking after the complex issues of visitors. No matter whether there is a need for a permanent or a temporary stay, you can simply search for nursing homes near me to find the best options of places that can take care of your loved one and provide the best possible assistance, so that they are able to recover well from their medical suffering.

The Difference

Both care and nursing homes are known for providing support and care 24/7. However, nursing homes are able to provide a more complicated, professional level of care to patients. This would also mean that nursing homes can be significantly more expensive than the other options, based on the type of care needed. The fees will also vary depending upon the location where you live. Thus it can become quite expensive for the level of care required.

Nursing homes have qualified nurses available around the clock to provide medical assistance as required. On the other hand, care homes help people with support and the personal care they need to engage with basic physical activities. Based on your requirements, you should search for nursing or care homes in Dublin to provide your loved one with the best care possible.

Consider the Best Nursing Home

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