Life is quite unpredictable. A person who has been active throughout their life might not be able to take care of their needs after a certain age. Also, there can be certain medical conditions which can worsen the situation. So they will require professional support to carry on with regular living and to receive the right assistance with their medical condition. But a major question people have is understanding what type of facility would be suitable for their situation. For this, there are both nursing and care homes in Dublin. Understanding what will work well for your loved one is the key to choosing the best option. This guide will cover the differences, which will help make your decision easier.

Understanding the Difference

Residential care homes and nursing home facilities are there to provide 24/7 medical assistance to their residents. However, be aware that a nursing home can provide a higher level of care. This also means that they can be quite expensive, based on the type of care your loved one requires. For instance, the average cost of a nursing home facility will come to around €1000 per week. Nursing homes have qualified nurses present on site throughout the day and night. They are there to take care of medical needs and ensure that residents have the right support and care to engage in physical activities to help them with recovery and give them a better quality of living.

Residential Care Home Services

The care homes in Dublin provide 24/7 support and personal care for those who cannot take care of their daily needs, like dressing, washing and eating. However, they are not there to take care of residents’ medical situations. They can provide long-term or short-term care based on the specific condition of the resident. However, some care homes can take care of residents’ nursing needs through special care facilities like regular health care visits. But they are mainly meant for older people who are unable to live an independent life, take care of personal medication hygiene or who are struggling with mobility.

However, those people with physical disabilities, mental issues or learning disabilities, or those who require frequent medical treatment cannot stay in care homes. 

The staff at care homes are trained to provide the support that is needed on a daily basis, such as administering medications, but they are not qualified enough to handle any medical situation.

Care home facilities are there to provide the residents with some physical and social activities, parties and events to keep them active. In short, care homes in Dublin provide a lower level of care when compared to nursing home facilities. This means the cost of living here will be much lower.

Nursing Home Services

Nursing home facilities are meant for those people who suffer significantly in their regular life due to medical conditions. This means they will require regular treatment from registered nurses. The professionals at nursing homes are there to provide qualified care assistance to identify symptoms and ensure their patients get better with time.

The nursing homes in Dublin have professionals who can offer 24/7 residential care. Also, they can look after the complex needs of patients, based on their temporary or permanent needs.

As this indicates, nursing home facilities are able to provide a higher level of care, which will be more expensive. However, if you need a nursing home facility, then you can benefit from some government funding. Such schemes will help you pay for the facility. Some nursing home facilities also specialise in specific mental health conditions. For instance, they can be suitable for mental health conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s, while some can specialise in physical disabilities.

A person with dementia can certainly be supported in a residential care facility, but a specialised dementia nursing home is better equipped to handle the needs of people in the advanced stages of the disease.

So if you search for nursing homes in Dublin and learn the essentials before you make a final decision, you will understand that analysing the needs of your loved one and their specific condition is the first and most essential aspect of choosing the best. Although you might not be ready to send your loved one away for care, it is extremely important to think about this, given the professional support they will receive.

Both types of facility are very different. It is only with research that you will be able to analyse the situation and see what will work best for your loved one. You can search for care homes or nursing homes near me to identify the centres and professionals available. This is key to getting a positive outcome.

Which Facility Is the Best?

When it comes to deciding between care homes and nursing homes in Dublin, it is essential that you analyse your specific situation. Also, contacting the primary health care provider will help you choose the right facility that will provide the right care and assistance. This will likely be tough for your entire family, but it will be helpful for your family if you can be well informed and decisive, and ensure your loved one has an easy time moving to a care home facility where they will be receiving proper assistance 24/7 to lead a regular life. But make sure that you visit the facility in advance.

Make the Right Decision

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