The care needs of a person change with time. As an infant, we need care from our parents and when we reach adolescent age, we become independent enough to take care of ourselves. But in time, our parents also get old and that is the time they need our love, care and attention the most. But sometimes due to our work priorities, we are either out of the house for long hours or are unable to visit, sometimes even for a few days or months. During this time, the people who feel neglected and may suffer from depression and loneliness are our elderly parents. To save them from such situations, a nursing home can be helpful for you. Staying there, your parents will not feel alone and all their care needs will be fulfilled. They can make friends with people of their age at a nursing care home.

What Is a Nursing Home?

Nursing homes are residential homes that have qualified nurses on their staff who are there to take care of the people residing in the home. At these homes, each and every care need of the patients, such as food, clothing, shelter and medication, are provided. These homes contain all the necessary amenities required by a person to live their life. Nursing homes provide care and moral support to people who are suffering from serious and chronic health disorders. The patients are also provided with medical aid for other treatments and emergency situations.

Purpose of a Nursing Home

Everything in this world is meant to solve a particular purpose. Nursing homes are also meant to fulfil certain purposes. Here are some major purposes of sending your loved one to a nursing home :

1. To Fulfil the Care Needs of the Patients : This is the major goal of the nursing home. People who don’t have anyone at home to take care of them come to a nursing home to get care. At nursing homes, there are professional care staff who have expertise in taking care of people suffering from health issues and disabilities. At nursing homes, all the care needs, such as food, clothing, shelter, and medication requirements are addressed by the care staff working there. In some nursing homes, customised care plans are developed as per the special care needs of a patient. You must be aware of your loved one’s needs before looking for a nursing home for them.

2. Emotional Support : When a person feels neglected, their mental health gets affected and they may start feeling depressed. At nursing homes, the care staff try to heal patients emotionally and improve their mental health. Patients are given environmental friendliness and their emotional needs are fulfilled. This fills them with a new hope which helps them recover faster, live longer and take life in a different direction. Their birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated and they are made as comfortable as if they are living with their own family. This causes a positive impact on their health.

3. Medical Aid During Emergencies : In old age, sometimes a patient’s medical conditions get worse unexpectedly. If they do not get timely treatment, they might have to face serious circumstances. A care home can provide medical aid to patients during times of emergency. They can provide first aid treatment and if the patient is critical, they will take them to the hospital or call a medical professional from the care home. Whenever you choose a nursing care home, check whether they have nearby hospitals and transportation facilities or not. Also, discuss the patient’s past medical conditions with the home.

4. Providing Security to Patients : If your elderly parents are alone at home during your work hours, this can make them feel unsafe and insecure, which can endanger their safety. You must leave them in a nursing home during that time. There, your loved ones will be completely safe and secure. Nursing homes have good security arrangements which monitor each and every activity going on around your loved ones. They ask for reasons and clarifications when an unknown person enters, and accompany the patients whenever they go outside for any exercise. This will make you feel relieved and able to focus on your own needs properly.


These are some of the basic facts about nursing homes and their purpose. You must choose a safe and good quality care service when providing a care home for your loved one. Make a checklist of the care requirements of your loved one and then start your search.

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