Earlsbrook House is a beautiful Georgian building on Meath Road in Bray, Co. Wicklow, just minutes from the seafront and Bray DART station.

Although we have updated the former family home to create a relaxed, cosy, safe environment for our residents, we have preserved the original Georgian characteristic style and charm.

If you are looking for the best nursing home in Bray, we would suggest checking out the Earlsbrook House.

Exceptional Care For Our Residents

At all of our nursing homes, we provide the highest standards of individualised, quality care for a full range of physical and neurological conditions. We also offer bespoke packages for short-term respite and convalescence needs.

Prospective residents of Earlsbrook House will find it exceptionally well suited to those who do not have a specific medical condition. Moreover, it is extremely popular with residents who want to enjoy their independence in a comfortable, supportive and homely environment.

Our Commitment to Delivering Standards of Excellence

Our team’s extensive experience is essential to delivering the standards of excellence and person-centred care on which we pride ourselves in all our nursing home locations. In addition, our keen interest in innovations in dementia patients’ care ensures our residents the highest quality of life and lifestyle possible.

It is incredibly difficult to make the decision to move a family member into a nursing home. We understand that this is a last resort for many families, but we aim to provide the best possible alternative to homelife within our walls.

A visit to Earlsbrook House will hopefully assure you that our team and services are there to give dignity and independence to every resident.

Nurturing Facilities and Recreation

At Earlsbrook House nursing home (Bray, Wicklow), we ensure we cater to all our resident’s needs. Therefore, we are committed to nurturing and supporting our residents’ medical, spiritual, and recreational needs.

Good nursing home care requires an emphasis on physical activity. Residents are encouraged to take part in a daily exercise programme that is tailored to everyone’s individual ability so as to avoid anyone overextending themselves.

Our team understands that staying active is not a solely physical pursuit – it is important for residents to interact socially to and to relax by availing of the classes and entertainment on offer in our nursing homes.

You can find out more about the crafts and skills that are encouraged at Earlsbrook House here. In addition, our nursing staff promote a culture of independent living in an enjoyable, relaxed setting, enabling our residents to live fulfilled lives.

Forming New Friendships

Socialising with other residents in our relaxed dining area offers the opportunity to form new friendships or spend time chatting with friends or family over tea or a choice of meals cooked to the highest quality by our professional chef.

Residents may prefer some downtime and can use other facilities, perhaps spending some time in the sensory rooms or taking time in the garden.

Our beautiful front garden and charming courtyard are the perfect places for residents to relax and enjoy nature. Taking time out in the garden or sensory rooms is the perfect escape during a stressful time.

What to Expect at Earlsbrook House Nursing Home

Our highly-qualified team of registered nurses and health care assistants have received specialised training in older person care. As a result, they have extensive experience caring for people with both mild and more complex needs.

Our qualified nurses and the nursing home team’s dedication is to providing our residents with a caring, compassionate environment. FirstCare strives to offer the best services and room to give every resident a very high standard of life.

Ensuring the Safety of You and Your Loved Ones

During COVID, we, like everyone else, participated in infection control measures for infection prevention to keep residents safe. These were undertaken while still allowing residents to participate in a wide range of engaging and enjoyable indoor activities.

However, since our residents and staff have received all necessary vaccines early this year, we can now begin to plan outside trips for our residents. Many of our residents enjoy unwinding in the gardens or strolling in the courtyard.

As part of the ongoing control measures within our nursing home, we continue to closely monitor any potential risks to the health and well-being of our residents and staff. Thanks to a diligent infection control policy, we are happy to report that our nursing homes and our sister nursing home remain entirely free of the virus.

24 Hours Care
Highly Trained Care Team
Individualised Care Plans
Nutrition Support
Dementia Care
Activity Programmes

Ireland’s Fair Deal Scheme

In Ireland, the Fair Deal Scheme is a government initiative designed to offer financial support to families that require long-term nursing care for an older relative.

We recognise that applying for the Fair Deal Scheme can be a complicated process. We provide a full detailed overview of the Fair Deal scheme to help financial with residency in our Dublin, Bray, Wicklow and Kildare nursing homes.

What Our Residents Say

Bridie Kulchycky

“The thing I like the most is the home is very pleasant and has nice company.”

Amelia Betty Murphy

“The home is kept clean and the food is very good. The staff are very good and helpful. My favourite day of the week is Wednesday, when we have our Knitting Club.”

Marie Heffernan

“The staff are very good and very caring. The home is decorated nicely and there is always plenty of good entertainment.”

Why Not Visit – We Are Easy to Find

Earlsbrook House Nursing Home is easy to reach by car and minutes away from the Bray North exit on the M50 and 5 minutes walk from Bray Train and DART Station, a stop for all the main bus routes.

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We are committed to providing individualised and compassionate care to people in a homelike environment that enables them to live a full and abundant life.

We welcome visitors at Earlsbrook if you want to visit or learn more about us. Contact us at info@firstcare.ie

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We are committed to providing individualised and compassionate care to people in a homelike environment that enables them to live a full and abundant life.