Set in the rolling hills of Co Kildare, Mountpleasant Lodge Nursing Home is surrounded by fields and farms under wide open skies. Its site benefits from the beauty of rural Ireland and a visit to the care home is greatly enhanced by the location.

The decision to move loved ones into a nursing home is an incredibly difficult one, but if you reach the conclusion that your family member would benefit from the security and round-the-clock healthcare all our residents receive, FirstCare aim to assist them with top care services and a high quality of life.

If you are looking for the Best Nursing home in Kildare, consider residency in the Mountpleasant Lodge. Located 35 minutes from Kildare town 30 minutes from Phoenix park, Mountpleasant Lodge Nursing Home is very accessible,

FirstCare Nursing Home Residents

FirstCare’s private nursing homes offer person centred care and support for every resident in our living facilities. Our team members strive to ensure everyone in our accommodation is treated with dignity, respect and high quality healthcare.

We provide the highest standards of individualised nursing care for a full range of physical and neurological conditions. It is our duty to cater to both the simple and complex needs an older person may have.

The nursing home tends to different forms of illness and offer the respite and support that older people often require. Our dementia care is a particularly strong aspect of our nursing and we value our relationships with residents as being fundamental to our mission.

At Mountpleasant Lodge Nursing Home we also have a dedicated purpose-built annex offering bespoke short-term respite and convalescence care packages.

This nursing home is also well suited to individuals who do not have a specific medical condition but who want to enjoy their independence in a comfortable and supportive environment, with high-quality cooked meals and other facilities to enjoy.

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We are committed to providing individualised and compassionate care to people in a homelike environment that enables them to live a full and abundant life.

Facilities and Activities

Good nursing home care involves an emphasis on physical activity. Our residents take part in an exercise programme that ensures they stay active everyday without overextending themselves. We work off the basis of everyone’s individual ability so as to remain safe and comfortable throughout.

Well prepared food, relaxation, fun and activities make up the average day in a FirstCare nursing home. It begins with a hearty breakfast, and a typical afternoon might include browsing the morning papers, joining the ‘Whitty Knitters’ for a session while putting the world to rights or even heading out to the local choir to exercise those vocal chords.

Residents can also join our aromatherapist for a hand, head or foot massage. Lunch is a relaxed affair and a chance to meet up with a friend for a chat.

There is a wide choice of activities in the afternoons including bingo, music, karaoke and dance sessions, group physiotherapy and chair yoga. Residents are free to participate as they wish. For those who wish to attend, Mass is available each Thursday with a Eucharistic service offered four times a week.

There is a large internal courtyard where residents can hone their gardening skills, growing fruit, vegetables and flowers.

24 Hours Care
Highly Trained Care Team
Individualised Care Plans
Nutrition Support
Dementia Care
Activity Programmes

Health and Safety Measures

Emerging from covid, we remain vigilant and cautious in our health and safety protocol. Over the pandemic, we made significant investments into equipment and infrastructure that contributes towards our primary aim – the safety our residents.

Any person in our care is monitored daily for changes in temperature and blood oxygen daily for any signs of the virus.

Fair Deal scheme

The Fair Deal Scheme offers financial assistance to those in need of nursing home care. If you or a loved one is interested in making an application for nursing home financial aid, visit our fair deal scheme page to learn more. 

The Fair Deal nursing home grant gives financial support to make nursing home care more affordable and accessible to everyone.

What you can Expect from FirstCares Kildare nursing home

FirstCare are committed to improving the lives of all our residents by offering person centered care. To make sure all residents are receiving the best quality of care we create Bespoke care programs for everyone.

From our care plan you can expect to receive the following:

To learn more about life in Kildare’s best nursing home and our safe and caring environment, request a call below or call us on (01) 513 6854.

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We are committed to providing individualised and compassionate care to people in a homelike environment that enables them to live a full and abundant life. The basis of our care will always be about forming meaningful relationships with our residents and tailoring our services and support to their needs.

If you are considering a nursing home as an option for your loved one, contact us for further information below. Also consider our other locations in Dublin, Bray, and Wicklow.

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