State-of-the-art dementia care

At Firstcare we specialise in caring for people living with all types of dementia across each of our six homes. We have the expertise and facilities to provide the highest standards of dc at all stages of the disease, including a purpose built dementia care home at our Beneavin Campus in Glasnevin.

As of 2022 there are 64,000 people in Ireland living with Dementia. We understand that it can be an emotional journey for all the family when a loved one is diagnosed with dementia and moving into full-time care is often a difficult decision.

We know how important it is to find/choose a care home where your loved one is not defined by dementia and recognised as the independent adult you know and love.

At Firstcare we see the person, the unique individual who is dearly loved and cherished by their partner, their children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters, colleagues, friends and their wider community.

Our dedicated and experienced team have specifically chosen to work with this sector and are passionate about providing the best possible alternative for those who are no longer able to manage in their own home.

Dementia-friendly communities

Residents living with dementia are respected as independent adults and cared for by highly-skilled professionals with great dignity and kindness. We focus on developing relationships based on empathy, compassion, and knowledge of our resident’s life history, which is fundamental to responding to their physical and psychological needs.

Our dementia care model is based on ‘Dementia Friendly Communities’ where residents are respected as independent adults in a spacious homely environment designed to make them feel safe, secure and at ease.

Our Dementia Friendly Sensory Garden has been designed to ensure that our residents experience stimulation and reminiscence whilst enjoying this outside space.

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We are committed to providing individualised and compassionate care to people in a homelike environment that enables them to live a full and abundant life.

Prioritising relationships in dementia care

People living with dementia retain their sense of self through their relationships with others, and we respond 24 hours to their physical and psychological needs by developing relationships based on empathy, compassion and knowledge of our resident’s life history.

Our dementia care team

Our highly-skilled professional team has long-term experience working directly in the area, some for 20 years or more.

Many hold specialised post-graduate studies in dementia care nursing and the team receives ongoing training so we are always up to date with new research and developments.

Nutritional Care

The process of eating and drinking can become difficult for people living with dementia, but our team is on hand and fully trained to ensure that loved ones will be getting the nutrition they need. We conduct full assessments for every new resident and can discuss this in full with you and your family for extra peace of mind

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